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IEP Field Trip November 2017

Date: 17 November 2017
Time: 9.00 am – 5.30 pm
Locations: Malay Cultural Village in Jalan Perindustrian Larkin and Forest City in Gelang Patah.
Participants:  33 participants (29 adults and 4 children)

Language Academy’s Intensive English Programme, in collaboration with UTMSPACE, organized a field trip for the IEP students. The trip started at the Malay Cultural Village which provides Malay cultural experience with various fun activities such as Batik painting, blowpipe demonstration, soap making and traditional Malay dances. The participants had a great time engaging in the activities which include making ‘Roti Canai and ‘Teh Tarik’. Some participants even took the chance to experience making the ‘roti canai’ and ‘teh tarik’ assisted by the chef.

After they had the ‘roti canai’ and ‘teh tarik’ breakfast, participants moved to the next activity which was ‘batik’ painting. Again, they were so excited to have their own ‘batik’ design which they needed to colour. They even had the ‘batik’ painting as a souvenir. The next activity was the Malay cultural dance performance where participants spent about 30 minutes enjoying the dance performance before they had the chance to do some souvenir shopping. They left Malay Cultural Village to Forest City around 2.15 pm.

After such a rich cultural experiences, the participants then had the chance to see modern projects come to life with office towers, parks, hotels and shopping malls taking shape in Johor.