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Uniting UTM Kuala Lumpur Diploma Students, Aidilfitri Celebration Organised By UTMSPACE was lively

Attended by guests beautifully dressed with colourful traditional attire, Aidilfitri 2019 celebration jointly organised by UTMSPACE and UTM Holding Sdn Bhd on 3rd July 2019 has successfully united UTMKL students and staffs.

Although it was held towards the end of Syawal, the celebration was lively with the presence of 2500 guests including staffs and students from UTM, MJIIT, AHIBS and Kolej SPACE.

The celebration held at Grand Banquet Hall, Residensi UTMKL was also attended by UTM and UTMSPACE top management and Prof. Dr. Azlan Ab Rahman, Managing Director of UTMSPACE was given the honour to deliver his speech.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Azlan Ab Rahman stated that this celebration is an admirable way to close gaps amongst students and also between students and staffs at UTM Kuala Lumpur.

Co-operation within UTMSPACE personnel was also demonstrated when each unit under UTMSPACE management obliged to contribute for potluck to entertain their guests.

The celebration was cheerful with performance by UTMSPACE students and staffs.