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Community Engagement at Rumah Amal Nur Murni, Kuching, Sarawak.

14 July 2019 (Sunday). Community engagement went an extra mile when Critical & Creative Thinking (Section 81) students of UTM Space had the opportunity to serve Rumah Amal Nur Murni which is located in Batu Kawa, Kuching, Sarawak. The head of program was Roslan bin Mohamad Ramli , and assisted by strong-willed team members.

Prior to the visit, all 27 students were highly committed in efforts to raise fund by crowdfunding and getting other donations of in kind.

Upon arriving, we were warmly welcomed by Puan Noni (Chair of Rumah Amal Nur Murni) and 52 children under their care (age ranging from 4 to 18).

All donations (cash, in kinds & clothes) were handed over to Rumah Amal Nur Murni by Dr Ismail bin Mohamad, General Manager of Part Time Study UTMSPACE. What made the event extra special was when the children presented nasyid and dance performance.

The program continued with colouring contest and quiz, with all the children participating in the activies. Students of UTM Space also had a meet and greet with the children before ending the day’s program.

Overall, this entire program was aimed to inculcate critical thinking and creativity, building confidence, awareness, motivation and instil resilience among students while ensuring the community benefits from their efforts to help the less fortunates. It is our hope that this program could become an impetus for students and the rest of us to continue giving back to the community.